Student presentations

Students will get the opportunity to present their work in oral presentations (10 min).
Participants were also asked to prepare a video/animated PPT presentation of a method relevant to the subject of the course.
Best oral and video presentations as selected by the board of lecturers will be rewarded by small  gifts.

Oral presentations and video presentations

Authors:Tsvetelina Batsalova, Balik Dzhambazov, Dorota Klaczkowska, Rikard Holmdahl
Diminished Reactive Oxygen Species Production Affects Immune Specific Vaccination Against Arthritis

Video presentation:Flow cytometric analysis of murine granulocyte oxidative burst

Authors:Olaf Brouwers, Petra M.G. Niessen, Allan Flyvbjerg, Toshio Miyata, Jo G.R. De Mey, Coen D.A. Stehouwer, Casper G. Schalkwijk
Glyoxalase-I overexpression improves endothelial dysfunction and prevents long term nephropathy in diabetic rats

Video presentation:The use of CM-H2DCFDA to measure real time oxidative stress production in cultured cells

Authors:Davide Ciregna, Enrico Monzani, Mireille Engelen and Luigi Casella
Copper-Amyloid-β Peptide(1-16) Complex Exhibits Superoxide Dismutase Activity but Has No Monooxygenase Activity

Video presentation:Synthesis of peroxynitrite

Authors:Elena Gazzano, Manuela Polimeni, Mara Ghiazza, Ivana Fenoglio, Dario Ghigo, Bice Fubini
Silica induces oxidative stress in murine alveolar macrophages.

Video presentation:Measurement of cellular antioxidant defenses.

Authors:Glorieux Christophe, Dejeans Nicolas, Raphaël Beck, Sid Brice, Verrax Julien and Pedro Buc Calderon
”Regulation of catalase expression in MCF-7 cells resistant to oxidative stress”. 

Video presentation: Determination of protein oxidation by oxyblot.

Authors:Rinesh Godfrey, Deepika Arora, Sabine Stopp, Jörg P. Müller, Reinhard Bauer, Peter Herrlich and Frank-D. Böhmer
FLT3-ITD mediated transformation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia involves oxidation of the FLT3 antagonist PTP, PTPRJ/DEP-1: A novel redox circuit in cancer cells

Video presentation:"Detection of PTP oxidation in intact cells"

Authors:Signe Helbo and Angela Fago
S-nitrosylation affects oxygen affinity of rainbow trout myoglobin

Video presentation:Titration of reactive thiols with the 4-PDS assay

Authors:M. Gram, R. Boushel, J.W. Helge, F. Dela, M. Hey-Mogensen
Effect of acute exercise and physical inactivity on mitochondrial respiration, membrane potential and ROS release in young and elderly subjects.

Video presentation:Measurement of mitochondrial H2O2 release using the fluorescent probe Amplex Red and a ultrasensitive fluorospectrophotometer

Authors:Kitz K, Malle E, Leis HJ, Windischhofer W
15d-PGJ2-induced Cox-2 expression is modulated by intracellular glutathione status in human osteosarcoma cells

Video presentation:Determination of reactive oxygen species by DCF-DA assay

Authors: Timea Kurdiova
Video presentation: ???????????

Authors:M Mojic, D Maksimovic-Ivanic, S Mijatovic, Dj Miljkovic, Y Al-Abed, S Stosic-Grujicic, F Nicoletti
Different outcome of applied NO modification on anticancer drugs action

Video presentation:Plate-based method for preliminary screening of intracellular ROS and RNS

Authors:Ingrid Oit, Ursel Soomets, Alan Altraja
Enzymatics and genetic markers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as a systemic disorder; the effect of novel antioxidant peptides

Video presentation:Treatment of human mononuclear blood cells with antioxidative peptides followed by Comet Assay

Authors:Plecita L., Jezek P.
Mitochondrial reticulum network dynamics in relation to oxidative stress, hypoxia and type-2 diabetes

Video presentation:Microscopy-based method for detection of in situ superoxide and/or intracellular oxidative stress.

Authors:Borut Poljsak
Free radicals, antioxidants and the aging process

Video presentation:Determination of the oxidative stress in the body from the capillary blood sample

Authors:Robaszkiewicz Agnieszka, Bartosz Grzegorz, Soszynski Miroslaw
The use of FITC-cojugated antibodies combined with flow cytometry for detection of 3-chlorinated tyrosines in human cells

 Video presentation:The use of FITC-cojugated antibodies combined with flow cytometry for detection of 3-chlorinated tyrosines in human cells

B. S. Rocha, B. Gago, C. P. Pereira, R. M. Barbosa, H. Rubbo, A. Trostchansky, R. Radi and J. Laranjinha
Dietary nitrite, polyphenols & nitric oxide: From biochemistry to physiology: The human stomach as a bioreactor

Video presentation: Diffusion assay of nitrite-derived Nitric Oxide in the stomach wall

Authors:Romacho T, Cercas E, Carraro R, Sánchez-Ferrer C.F., Peiró C.
“Visfatin/PBEF/Nampt: a new therapeutical target in vascular inflammation”.

Video presentation:None

Authors:Yves Y. SERE, Matthieu REGNACQ and Thierry BERGES
Yeast strain unable to store neutral lipids is more tolerant to alpha-synuclein induced oxidative stress.

Video presentation:Dihydrorhodamine 123 (DHR) detection of hydrogen peroxide

Authors:G.V. Tsakanova, E.A. Arakelova, V.A. Ayvazyan, A.S. Boyajyan
Oxidative Stress And Antioxidant Profile In Ischemic Stroke Patients With And Whithout Diabetes Mellitus

Video presentation:Quantification of water-soluble and lipid-soluble antioxidants.

Authors:B. Vandendriessche, E. Rogge, P. Brouckaert and A. Cauwels
Theragnostics in sepsis and shock: the need for a better understanding of animal models

Video presentation:4-hydroxy-2-nonenal: a reliable marker of oxidative stress?



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