Research Centre of Molecular Medicine (RCMM) in Debrecen, Hungary is a center uniting the most successful research groups of the Medical Center. In 2002, RCMM has been selected as a Centre of Excellence by the European Commission.
With its 33000 students (incl. more than 1000 international medical students coming mainly from Scandinavia, Israel, UK, Germany, Middle-East, China, Japan), University of Debrecen (UD) is an intellectual centre, with a vast educational, research and development capacity. UD has a growing importance on the economic and social development, cultural progress of the region.


It devotes special attention to serving the needs of a knowledge based economy and society more efficiently, and it strives to become the knowledge centre of the region. The Venue of the course will be the Life Science Building (LSB) of the University of Debrecen. The LSB is  a 17,000 m2, m2 state-of -the art research facility built in 2005.The LSB has three lecture halls (for 300, 154 and 117 students) from which the smaller one will host the lectures, discussions and student presentations during the course. All lecture halls are equipped with two built-in projectors (for twin presentations) and overheads.  Our lab conveniently accomodates 6 groups of students (with 3 students in each group). The LSB also hosts the flow cytometry and microscopy core facilities which will also be used during the course.

     One of the research labs of  the Department of Medical Chemistry




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