General information

Date of the course:

August 27-September 2, 2010

Expected participants

18 PhD students and postdoctoral students interested in free radical biology
The number of Hungarian participants will be limited to a maximum of 1 student.

Criteria of selection:
Due to the practical nature of the course the number of participants is limited to 18 students or post-docs. Participants will be primarily selected on the basis of their submitted application material, where motivation, current research interests and recommendation are all important.

       Priority will be given to applicants

  • with proven commitment to oxidative stress research or to applicants planning to do oxidative stress related research without prior extensive training in the field (as judged by recommendation letters from supervisors)
  • volunteering to present a relevant method or her/his own project to the participants


The registration fee is 680€ covering all meals and accomodation.
Youth travel fellowships (YTF) are available to support participation at the course. For details see eligibility criteria for YTF.


Participants will be housed in Debrecen in Hotel Divinus that is in walking distance from the venue of the course.

For the last 2 days (after labwork is completed) the course will move to Budapest where further lectures and student presentations will take place. During this second part of the course, participants will be housed in Hotel Palazzo Zichy.

Important dates

November 1st, 2009 start of online application
June 1st, 2010 deadline for application


Reaching Budapest, the capitol of Hungary is easy by airplane. The airport is called "Ferihegy" and has 2 terminals. Budapest and Debrecen (220 km) are connected by regular train service. Intercity trains run every hour and the trip takes 2h30min.  Intercity trains leave from Nyugati (West) railway station and stop at terminal 1. Remember to get seat reservation ticket for the IC in addition to the "regular" ticket. Train schedule can be searched here. Organizers assist your transfer to Debrecen by offering 3 shuttle buses picking up participants at the airport, at Keleti (East) railway station or from hotels (in case you arrive before 27th of August). By car you may take higway M3 (matrica/vignette required!) all the way to Debrecen (2h drive). For more info click here.
From the final station (Örs vezér tér) of the red (East-West) metro line (line#2) regular buses go to the airport. Bus 93 operates between Örs vezér tér and Terminal 1 of the airport. Bus 200E operates between Örs vezér tér and airport terminals 1 and 2. This latter bus can also be used for transfer between terminal 1 and 2. The buses can be used with regular BKV (Budapest Transportation Company) tickets. They cost  320 HUF (1,14 Eur) prepurchased or 400 HUF (1,4 Eur) purchased from the driver (no credit card, only Hungarian currency, exact amount preferred).

Official info from the homepage of Ferihegy Airport
Since July of 2007 passengers can easily reach Ferihegy Terminal 1 from the Western Railway Station in Budapest. On weekdays 51 and at weekends 38 trains ease the travelling from the city center to the airport within less than half an hour for 300 HUF. There are 60 trains on weekdays and 45 at weekends from the airport to the city center.
Arriving travellers can buy their tickets at Tourinform at Terminal 1 from 09.00 to 22.00 or at platform B at the railway station from the ticket vending mashine.
The two platforms of the railwaystation are connected to the Airport Terminal with a pedestrian footbridge equipped with lifts above the clearway. A short pedestrian path of just 200 meters takes the passengers from the terminal to the railway station.

More details about other means of transportation (airport shuttle minibus, taxi) between the airport and Budapest can be found here.
Beware of freelance taxi drivers (aka hyenas)!

What if you miss the course shuttle?
First of all don't panic as it is not difficult to get to Debrecen by train. If you are at the airport, go to terminal 1 (e.g. by bus 200E) and buy a train ticket to Debrecen. If you are in the city of Budapest, then go to Nyugati railway station and buy a ticket for an IC train which run approximately every hour. (Remember to get seat reservation ticket for the IC in addition to the "regular" ticket. ) Take the train and get off in Debrecen (after approximately 2h30min). Once at the Debrecen Railway station (an ugly rundown builduing), leave the station on the arrival (érkezés) side and buy a tram ticket at the newspaper stand located at the exit (or at the ticket booth of the tram station). 1 ticket costs 250 HUF (320 HUF from the driver). The final tram station is right in front of the railway station. (There is just 1 tram line in Debrecen so don't worry to get on a "wrong" tram.). The Hotel Divinus will be on the right side of stop #9 (Nagyerdei krt) (The final station at the railway station doesn't count, it is #zero.) Again, if you miss the right tram stop, stay calm :-)   and stay on the tram as it makes a loop here and comes back to this place at stop#13 (Medgyesy sétány or Pálma Pub).



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